Selling your own home?

Selling Your Own Home Can Be Tricky

So you are selling  your own home with a website that allows you to post pictures and a description and is seen by everyone on the Internet? Your phone is ringing off the hook with everybody and his uncle that claim they are interested in seeing your home but never show up.

Ok… while selling your own home you find someone that wants to buy it and they offer well below your price. You haggle back and forth and agree on a price only to find out they couldn’t qualify for a loan to buy it.  Then…the one true legitimate buyer who in finding your home on Craigslist has fallen in love with it and wants to see it today is standing on the street in front of your house. You of course are in Hawaii sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai.  The buyer is from out of state and needs to find something right away as he starts work in a month and wants to get his kids enrolled in the local school…oh yeah and this buyer has cash!!!  Frustrated, the buyer goes out with the first real estate agent he finds that will take him out to see 5 homes just like yours.

People are constantly driving by and staring through your windows hoping to get a glimps of what’s inside while you’re not home. When you are there to let one of them in, he is casing the joint to see what goodies he can come by and help himself to later when you’re gone.  Or…no one is calling and meantime you are paying for internet advertising or being spammed by marketeeres on Craigslist.

ARE WE HAVING FUN YET – What Else Should You Look for When Selling Your Own Home

Ok for sure these are a few of the worst things that can go wrong when selling your own home – and they do happen.  There are a lot of things not so dramatic that can make selling your own home a nightmare as well.  If you are committed to cutting out “the middle man” That’s great! Do you have what it takes when selling your own home??? If so, here are a few tips…

You must be a patient person and one who can stay committed. Pricing is the tricky part. If you say to yourself, “Well since I am not paying a listing commission, I can sell it for x dollars cheaper.” That’s fine if you can stay committed to selling your own home. However if you don’t, and later decide to go with a Realtor, it would be very hard to then raise the price to accommodate the commission.

The biggest you can make when selling your own home is basing your asking price on what the neighbor down the block is selling his home for.  While this can be valuable information, the offers you get on your home will be based on what like homes have sold for in the last three to six months. Call me and I will get you CMAs for selling your own home. This will at least give you an idea on price. Unless you have a cash buyer, you also have to take into consideration recent loan appraisals by different lenders in your area. I’ve seen two appraisals on the same home that were over 20k apart. In the end, it gives your buyer a tool to negotiate the price should the appraisal come in below your price.

When selling your own home, once you do decide on an initial price, you must keep abreast of the changes in your market. In a down market you have to stay ahead of it to sell. You shouldn’t be behind it chasing it down. While, the recent sales info on Trulia and Zillow are not going to be as complete or up to date as the local MLS in monitoring the recent solds.

When selling your own home, remember that you are in competition with other sellers. Phoenix is fast becoming a sellers market! Your house is in a beauty contest, and is up against many agent prepared houses. In almost every case agents are more knowledgeable than you in preparing a home for sale. YOU CAN’T under estimate the value of decluttering and staging when selling your own home. THEY DON”T.

Still Committed to selling your own home How about some help???

Here’s my offer…

No Cost Listing and Advertising: there are absolutely no up front fees. At the same time if you want to keep trying to sell it on your own great!  You only pay me a commission if I bring a buyer to the table either personally or through another agent. If you bring a buyer I will help you handle the transaction.

Cancel at any time for any reason:  Either you or I can cancel our agreement at any time (must be in writing and give two business days to cancel listing and pull advertising.

No Hassle from Buyers or Their Agents: All transactions procured by me will be handled through my office.


4% Commission: I find you a buyer with no other agent involved – my commission is just 4%

6% Commission: I find you a buyer through another agent – my commission is 3% and the buyer’s agent gets 3%

1% Commission: You find a buyer and I handle the transaction

0% Commission: (You are successful at selling your own home) You find a buyer and there’s no other agent involved – you don’t require our assistance at closing

Here’s are some other tips for selling your own home

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